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Saturday, May 13, 2006

B6 is using a fin to tell time

This odd bit of artwork had confused us for some time. What is it? Is it a whale, or fish or something? A weird plaground with nothing on which to actually play?
It is the Marulan Meridian Arch and the accompanying sign tells us:
The arch marks the path of 150th Meridian as it passes through Marulan, the only town in the world on its path. This is the exact middle of the Eastern timezone where the sun rises at exactly 6am and sets at exactly 6pm every equinox.
Now, this is the good bit,
"The sculpture describes the path of the Earth around the sun, while the two elements at each end of the structure represent a sun dial and a clock."
So B6 is actually showing you the time on the sundial. Or Fin. Or whatever.


Blogger Gledwood said...

Wow! It looks hot hot hot and dry down there... and isn't it WINTER Down Under. Hmmm... we're having an Indian Summer personally I can't wait for a bit of colder more miserable weather to come along it's been too hot even here and London is NOT built for the heat.
A photo of your kids poking about the bush just came out on http://play.blogger.com ... I hope they are being careful - every time they went to the bush on Neighbours catastrophe ensued! (And that's about as much as I know about Australia.)

Until quite recently I didn't know many Aussie bloggers at all. Then I met this lady called Merle who has a list of Aussie links so I went and introduced myself to every single one now I know loads of people.... her address is http://merle-3rdtimelucky.blogspot.com if you're interested.
You're welcome to drop by my place as well if you like gledwood2.blogspot - my online confessional!

Take it easy - have a great time in the wonderful outdoors!

"vol 2" ...

September 18, 2007 8:17 AM  

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