Where are the B's hiding? This is an ongoing series in the tradition of "Where's Jonathan".

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

B6 surfs the primitive web

B6 had to show this really fun playground featuring this web.

It must be a primitive form of the World Wide Web. Being vertical, surfing this web is pretty tricky.

B7 appreciates a fine ad

B7 would like to show you this interesting conversion of an old telephone box at Sutton Forest.

We appreciate the efforts put into this work by the Southern Highlands Single Malt Appreciation Society.

B4 Looks for Grandma's Harley

Last weekend there was a huge collection of motorbikes gathered around the Sutton Forest hotel.

B4 and his siblings quickly started to sing "Grandma Drives a Harley" by Leigh Newton. You can download it from

A few people stared at us taking this photo, but we didn't see any Grandmas sipping tea.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

B5 and the Big Potato

This is the famous Big Potato of Robertson.

It has unkindly been suggested that it looks like something a lot less savoury, even by locals. Rest assured it is definitely meant to be a Giant Spud.

B2 tests the exercise post

B2 is showing us how this part of the exercise playground works.
She didn't take kindly to suggestions from the crowd that she should use both hands for beginners!

B6 shows the way

B6 shows us us where we can go at the Robertson show.

Everywhere except behind him which is the show pub, only for people 18 and over.