Where are the B's hiding? This is an ongoing series in the tradition of "Where's Jonathan".

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

B6 prefers a flat earth

B6 is here explaining the problems in not having a flat earth. On a flat earth no-one gets surprised by a round edge.

B5 observes the sign

Now this is a sign you can easily understand. It was placed in the rest area near the gorge B4 looked at below.
Pondering the sign, B5 asked whether earthquakes were common and should we take cover.

B4 urges a defensive position

We asked B4 what he thought of this magnificent view of a nearby gorge.
"This would be a great place to defend, Dad."
That's my boy.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

B8 wants a doughnut!

B8 (who is permitted relaxations of B-Where's rules) is here trying to show you some Australian doughnuts. Don't be fooled by her grin. In a moment, one of those innocent doughnuts will be hers!