Where are the B's hiding? This is an ongoing series in the tradition of "Where's Jonathan".

Monday, February 25, 2008

Wonglepong - where all the action is.

B2 has risked life and limb to stand in the middle of peak hour at the main crossroads of the metropolis Wonglepong in Southern Queensland.
Click the photo for more details.
This was a lovely little spot we drove through on the "shortest route" according to the GPS. I estimate it actually added 20 minutes to the trip, but it was worth discovering new geographical treasures.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

B4, B5 and B6 try to play guitar

Tamworth is the home of the Big Golden Guitar and Australian Country Music. B4, B5 and B6 were asked to point towards home, but I think the music must have confused them.

B7 looks out

The best thing to do when driving on a long winding road is to look out. So when we saw the sign saying "Lookout ahead" we stopped. And looked out.
The Moonbi Lookout was constructed in 1938 and has weathered very well. The views are marvellous. The children especially enjoyed the short break from the winding roads.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

B5 joins the Lighthorsemen

Tamworth has a very interesting park. Playgrounds, busts of famous Country SIngers, ducks and statues are spread around to make a lunchtime stroll very interesting.
B5 felt that he would make conversation with a very well crafted statue of a Lighthorseman and his horse.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

B8 makes a point

Little B8 has joined in the B-where's spirit of things and found the perfect place to point.
This is at a park called Rose Point in Singleton, NSW.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

B6 prefers a flat earth

B6 is here explaining the problems in not having a flat earth. On a flat earth no-one gets surprised by a round edge.

B5 observes the sign

Now this is a sign you can easily understand. It was placed in the rest area near the gorge B4 looked at below.
Pondering the sign, B5 asked whether earthquakes were common and should we take cover.

B4 urges a defensive position

We asked B4 what he thought of this magnificent view of a nearby gorge.
"This would be a great place to defend, Dad."
That's my boy.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

B8 wants a doughnut!

B8 (who is permitted relaxations of B-Where's rules) is here trying to show you some Australian doughnuts. Don't be fooled by her grin. In a moment, one of those innocent doughnuts will be hers!

Saturday, May 13, 2006

B6 is using a fin to tell time

This odd bit of artwork had confused us for some time. What is it? Is it a whale, or fish or something? A weird plaground with nothing on which to actually play?
It is the Marulan Meridian Arch and the accompanying sign tells us:
The arch marks the path of 150th Meridian as it passes through Marulan, the only town in the world on its path. This is the exact middle of the Eastern timezone where the sun rises at exactly 6am and sets at exactly 6pm every equinox.
Now, this is the good bit,
"The sculpture describes the path of the Earth around the sun, while the two elements at each end of the structure represent a sun dial and a clock."
So B6 is actually showing you the time on the sundial. Or Fin. Or whatever.

The Big Apple

No! No! Not that big apple.
The other one down in Tallong, New South Wales.
The one on top of a shed selling apples direct to the public from the apple orchards.
B7 was very serious in showing you the apple she wanted but was told it was too big to eat.
This apple orchard grows enough apples to feed the birds and have enough left over to sell. It works out cheaper than lots of pesticides, chemicals and nets.